“You just have to have the guidance to lead you in the direction until you can do it yourself.”

Anyone can start or ideate under any domain like, academics , sports , research or anything that a person wishes to start. But does it ends there just by ideating and starting. No, never at all. For a reaching the goal or to succeed in dreams one must a have a proper guidance and support. Here comes into our screen are our people beloved supporting us and standing by us all the time, yes our Alumni, who had been our dear brothers and sisters once and now termed as a special person officially.

The event, Q/A with Alumni – A start up guidance, was a question answer session with our alumni, Cibi Karthik Balaji, 2017-2021 batch, Textile Technology, and currently an entrepreneur. The session was filled with talks with alumni and nit as alumni but as a brother. He shared his complete journey as a student and also as an entrepreneur. He also answered questions by our LEED members regarding his journey and encouraged the members withhis supportive and motivational words.

Shots from event