The Department Association of CSE & EIE jointly launched the Skillkit Workshop series, which is a continuous series of Workshops planned to facilitate the students on different Career development top from various resource people and aims to create awareness of the essential skills and help in equipping students with the knowledge and skills about career and self-development through experienced individuals The online session of the Level Up series in the Skillkit Workshop Series, portrayed by Mr. Rakesh D about Portfolio Equation on March 25th, 2022 witnessed 100+ registrations and 60 + participants. Ms. Dharunika Namagiri from the Department of CSE moderated the session.

The Guest Speaker, Mr. Rakesh is the President of Academics Design of the Leadership Council of KCT, the President of the Robotics and Automation club of KCT, and the UAV Team Lead of Ré- Kumaraguru’s platform for research and exploration. He is currently working on a project to innovate a design solution for a great environmental problem. Mr. Rakesh addressed the gathering about the do’s & don’ts while creating a portfolio, types, layouts, elements, and platforms to consider. The participants enthusiastically interacted and raised interesting queries and also solved a major confusion regarding the difference between resume and portfolio. He also shared his portfolio with the students for reference which gave additional clarity on creating a portfolio. After a lively discussion, the workshop ended with closing remarks from the Organising Core team of DA of CSE and by capturing the day, with the participants’ feedback. The recording of the entire event was shared with the students in teams for their reference.


The session was overall rated by the participants as 4.5 leaving behind positive feedback about the session was impactful. The students had a friendly connection with the speaker which helped them to focus & listen more to the session.

Students quoted,” It was a very useful and a great session about Portfolio. This session added up my mind with new ideas and the correct method of creating my resume. This stage is the correct period to build a person and this session helped to build the first step of it.”, “I got clear of what a portfolio is and how to build a perfect portfolio. It was taught from the scratch. We got to know how to make our portfolio attractive and easily understandable. It was a very informative session.

The enthusiasts found this as an opportunity to explore and generate an idea about creating an attractive portfolio from the taught equation.

-Dharunika Namagiri [20BCS028]

Mr Rakesh explaining about do’s and don’ts while creating a portfolio
The feedback given by participants about the session through forms