It is an online event conducted during this quarantine period to keep the participants/students occupied so that they could beat boredom.
This event happened on 20th of June 2020. This is an inter disciplinary event which eventually lead to the registration of 600+ students and participation of 400+ students. This Event had four round comprising of Quiz, Connection, Spot the odd one out and Crossword Puzzle.

We split ourselves into 5 teams like Quiz team, Connection Team, Spot the Odd One Out team Crossword team and Marketing and Mailing Team.
The initial 4 teams will be taking questions for the event and the rest of the members worked on marketing, mailing and Google form works.

Unexpectedly and it was shocking to see hundreds of registering the very first day itself. And beyond our expectation, there were 600+ students on the final day. And on the day of event nearly 400+ students participated.

We used a new strategy for marketing in this event. We gave a unique code to all the team members and asked that one team member must contribute(should make) nearly 20 participants to join. And this strategy was a success one.

Through this event we found a successful marketing strategy and we gained ourselves knowledge and wisdom by conducting this inter-disciplinary event. This event kept us engaged and improved our creativity even during this quarantine. We also got to know the usage , procedure and workload of conducting online event.

Overall this event was a fun-filled and great memory as it was our first online event and eventually it was a successful one.