Time of Event:

Monday 15, June 2020 8:00 AM – Tuesday 16, June 2020 8:00 PM.

Event Coordinators:

  • Sakthi Sree K -19BIS039
  • Pradeep E – 19BIS020


Connect the pictures to find the word and jump into the next round where you are asked to create a collage for the word given (vice versa of the 1st round). Then comes your final part where you will be checked for your innovative ideas and accurate thinking. Have fun at the same time get some real knowledge on what you know. Responses will be collected through Google Forms.
Participants attended: 32

Event Progress:

Event was launched on 15,June 2020 at 8:00 AM on “Instagram” platform by the Social Media Team and Whatsapp. The poster and event description were also shared through other social media “WhatsApp” in aid for promotion. There was a great response on Day 1, We had almost 28 participants on the inauguration Day. It was a good sign. On day 2, that is the final day, only 4 participants joined the event and responded on the “Google Forms”. Each and every individual responses have been copied in a spreadsheet. Each day promotion was done through social media “Instagram” and “WhatsApp”.

Winners and Runners of the Event:

  • Winners:
    • Ranjith S, Nikhil V, Sneka SM, Vijaishri, Rithi Anand, Kamali B, Shri Bhalaji Prabhu J 
  • Runners:
    • Rithika SM, Jini Fathima S
  • Every participant will be provided with appreciation rewards.

Google Form Link:


Contact Number: 77085 47622