On the occassion of world zoonoses day (06/07/2020),we the Red Ribbon club of kumaraguru college of technology conducted an online event named “PETS CAM” .The main theme of this event is to create awareness among the students about zoonotic diseases and their relationship with pets.

Zoonoses:Zoonoses are infectious diseases that can spread from animals to humans either through direct contact or indirect contact (vector-borne or food-borne).

Here we created a bingo challenge and in that bingo we included how the people spend their time with their pets and whether they have vaccinated their pets and so on. Finally,we had a average of 50+ active participation with much enthusiasm. Many of them accepted this challenge and nominate their friends to get aware of zoonotic diseases and vaccination.

Thereby to create awareness among students on subject of zoonotic diseases we made a document regarding vaccination schedule for pets and we shared those file to all participants who showed interest to the event.

The outcome of the event is all the participants gained the knowledge about pet vaccination and zoonotic disease.