It’s always said, “Students are the powerhouse of immense potential and ideology”. And, here another group of youngsters proved it. Athishwaran.N, Shobana.S, Sneha.M, Sribalaji.S and Swetha.P is the team, on asking them about the feeling of accomplishment stated that “First and foremost, this is our first significant project, and we are quite happy to be working in the field of artificial intelligence”. This quote states, they weren’t doing it for the sake, but out of complete passion and determination. Their team is one among the 22 teams in Project-Based Learning. The team was highly interested in the domain they chose. “To gain more knowledge in this domain we started exploring more and more papers to get a better insight.”, said the team.” When you listen to your teacher, you won’t only acquire knowledge, but also the experience.”

Going by the saying, the team continued saying, “Our faculty mentor Dr. Sabitha and Student mentor Mr. Mohan and Mr. Padmanaaban from the mechatronics department guided us in the right path in setting up our project.” On asking about the core mission of their project and where will their project come into the act, they said, “Our project is mainly about helping the farmers through plant disease detection in combination with increasing global smartphone penetration and recent advances in computer vision made possible by deep learning has paved the way for smartphone-assisted disease diagnosis.” At the end of their presentation, they were reviewed by a team of professionals who also gave them tons of input. After their successful presentation there, they also got an opportunity to present their paper at the ICRTAC-CVMIP-2021 CONFERENCE. The topic they presented there was “Track of Applications and services to achieve Sustainable Development Goals”. At the end of the presentations at this conference, the team was one among the top 20 fine-tuned papers, which in turn is a great accomplishment. In the end, the team with the honorary feeling, said, “We were delighted to present our project to our honoured KCT huddle members.”