“Many fill start fast, few will end strong.”
– Gary Ryan Blair.
Everyone needs to be well aware of the road traffic rules especially young people who are at significant road accident risks.

We the Road Safety Patrol of Kumaraguru College of Technology associated with Young ones whose vision is to connect the young leaders to upgrade their future, organized the event “PAUSE THE RACE”. The session was handled by Mr. Tharun Kumar S, the founder of CRA Motorsports. He is also a test rider, coach, professional speaker and social worker.

He explained about the importance of wearing helmet and type of certification for helmets. He highlighted that Fibreglass helmets are the best one for a safe ride. He also added the special features of that helmet. He also explained the obstacles faced by the motorcyclists in the road and provided the ways to handle it. He quoted that Discipline is the only way to avoid the accidents.

More than 35 people were participated in the events. He also cleared the doubts asked by our participants. As a result, everyone gained the knowledge about racing in India and avoiding accidents while racing.