We the people from YRC Club of Kumaraguru College have conducted an event named “PATRIOTIC BLUE BOOK”, rewinding our freedom fighters through the way of answering quizzes. It’s an single day online event through instagram.
       The aim of this event is to know more about our freedom fighters and also to know how our country got freedom. Since, this event is conducted through Instagram the participants are asked to attend the quizzes which we posted as a story in our official Instagram page ( @yrc_kct ) on 26th January 2021 within the time of 9 a.m – 6 p.m. The quizzes which we  posted are regarding to our country’s freedom fighters, democracy and our nation.
       The  reason behind this event is to make the participants aware about our country’s great historical freedom fighters and our nation too. And this event had an main prosperity that each and every participants perceive some good knowledge about our nation, by the way whether they prevail or flop it’s secondary. However they pick up something which gives amusement to us.!!
       Around 120 participants attend the event and Winner for this event will be selected on the basis of time taken to complete the quizzes precisely and quickly. The participant who wins this event by the above priority will be rewarded a gift voucher. Time is precious, let’s invest that on some useful things.

Event Poster