The Department of Mechatronics Engineering organised a Panel Discussion on “Challenges Faced as a Core Engineer”. The session was handled by four Alumni of Mechatronics department.

Objective :
The main objective of this event is to give proper guidance to the students regarding the placement of Core companies and also to spread awareness on Opportunities of Core Engineering along with the skills required to become a Core Engineer.

List of happenings in the event:

  • The discussion began with the introduction of MCE Alumni, about their College days in KCT, their Career and Job placements.
  • Questions related to this topic were posted by the participants in chat and FB live and also some of the questions that were collected from other participants via google form were also answered by the Alumni.
  • The questions related to Robotics, Industrial Automation, Core, BOSCH, Placements, required Skills etc… were also discussed as a part of the session.
  • Questions were raised by the participants to clarify the doubts.

Overview of the Core Field:

The subjects of Mechanical, Electronics, Manufacturing Sectors together involve the Core Engineering Field. These inventions came into being by deploying the mechanical principles of engineering.

Moreover core sectors involve the field of Electronics, Manufacturing, Electrical, Embedded, Robotics, Automation, IOT, etc. The core branches are those which form the base of engineering and are the oldest branches, which include mechanical, electrical, civil engineering. “Core Branch” is a term used for the basic engineering branches and hence the others were derived from them according to demands in the market considering every sector.

Some of the Discussions are listed below:

  • Panelists have suggested their thoughts on how to become a Core engineer, the required things to learn and the works associated in Core sectors.
  • Innovation Engineer is one of the best ways to bring out your projects and showcase your talents to the world.
  • Becoming an Innovation Engineer is the most basic way to become a Successful
  • To choose between IT or Core Sector, Panelists have suggested that, “In terms of security, one has to choose core sector to have a long term settled job else they can mostly probably opt for IT sector”.
  • In IT sectors students have to keep updating their resume and make progress, in order to sustain themselves in the field.
  • Panelists narrated their life journey as an example of, how they started their career in the beginning and how they kept moving throughout their lives. In short They provided us on how to keep moving with faith.
  • The panelist claimed that the Concepts of Engineering Subjects won’t be necessary unless or until students are provided with the circumstances of answering a definite problem statement.
  • Starting a career as a Senior Engineer at the beginning is impossible as it requires more job experience than the knowledge.
  • So most of the Core Companies won’t accept freshers as a senior Engineer.
  • Students should start their career as a Engineering trainee and gain more experience along with knowledge to become a Senior Engineer. Only by gaining experience, the salary of a person working in Core Industry would be increased.
  • Skills required for the core sectors are vast and more over, recruiters expect the students to have more practical knowledge than technical skills.

IT or Core:

It depends on its individual performance and market demand. For example if a student wants to have a well settled job in placement he can go for the core sector, which will provide him job security and a guaranteed pay. But if the student wants to have a quick exposure and work abroad, the student can go for the IT sector. In which he can expect high Pay along with the onsite preferred opportunities.


The event gave an insight into the Core sector along with the opportunities
available in it. It gave the basic knowledge to choose a specific domain in the Core Industry. It indeed gave students the opportunity to raise their questions and clear their negative point of view regarding the core industry.

The event was conducted via Google Meet from 05:00 PM– 6:30 PM on
12/12/2020. This session was broadcasted in facebook live simultaneously too. From this event, many students got to know about the importance of Core and the procedures in recruiting. More than 50 participants from various colleges attend the webinar. The chief guests of the event were Mr. Pruthiv Kanagaraj,Software engineer Firmware Indentiv Inc, Mr. Nagarjun Manickam, simulation Engineer, DIFACTO Robotics and Automation, Mr.Mohan Dhanapal, Embedded Developer, Spark Drives and Automation, Mr. Dineshkumar Palanisamy, Embedded and IOT Developer, Katomaran Technology and Business solutions.

Co-ordinator : Hemanath, Abhishek