Department of Political Science and Books & Beyond Club organized an online book reading session, “Over-Booked” based on Ambedkar’s last speech in the Constituent Assembly on 26th January 2021, as a part of the Republic Day celebration from 05.00 PM to 06.00 PM via Microsoft Teams. Ms Shobana Kumar, Poet, Writer, Founder of Small Differences was the resource person for the session. The welcome address was delivered by Saran S, II B.A. Political Science.

The guest began the session by pointing out some interesting facts about the Constitution. She highlighted the time and effort that was put into the preparation of the Constitution by the Drafting Committee. The role played by the Constitution in shaping the Indian society was thoroughly discussed. The factors influencing the working of a Constitution were emphasized. The next segments analyzed the complicated relationship between the key concepts such as Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. The resource person then explained the significance of Constitutional Amendments and how it can have a great impact on several aspects of society. She gave new insights regarding patriotism and stressed the fact that every citizen should learn to prioritize their country over caste, creed, religion, etc. She ended the reading session by posing some thought-provoking questions.

This was followed by an interactive session where many of the students shared their thoughts regarding the maintenance of the Constitution. The resource person also expressed her opinions concerning the upcoming generation. Finally, the vote of thanks was given by Saran S, II B.A. Political Science. The wonderful session enlightened the students and gave them a clear-cut idea about some major aspects of the Constitution.