“Learning never exhausts the mind.”

             ― Leonardo da Comic

The workshop is based on the topic “Open Rocket Simulation”, Conducted by SEDSKCT as a part of celebrating the engineering day. The event happened on 17th September 2021. This topic featured the Open Rocket which is a fully-featured model rocket simulator that allows to design and simulate the rockets before build and fly them.

Event details:

Date: 17.09.2021

Timing: 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM

Speaker: Abinash Nataraj.S and Haribalan.S, 3rd Year B.E Aeronautical Engineering, KCT.


As we planned, the workshop started at 6:00PM with a welcome address by Ananthu Krishnan, a member of the Event Management team.

Then the workshop was taken over by the speakers. The speaker Haribalan S started their session by explaining the basic forces involved in the rocket and covered the topics which involve the stability of the rocket, structure of nose cone, fins, and also explained the concept behind the center of gravity and center of pressure.

Then the session was taken over by Abinash Nataraj S and started simulating in the working space of Open Rocket Simulator. He explained the basic parameters involved in selecting nosecones, fins, and determining CG and CP and have simulated the entire rocket.

In the end, the doubts were asked by the participants and the speakers clarified their doubts. Then the feedback form was shared and finally, the workshop was concluded with the thank you note of Ananthu Krishnan.


Responses through the registration form: 111

Meet Participants: 90


The posters were created by the media team and shared on all the social media platforms along with the registration form.

Learning and Outcomes:

From this event, the participants got some insights about the simulation of Rocket, its construction, various parameters involved, and simulated using Open Rocket Simulator.


Building a business is not a Rocket science; it’s about having a great idea and seeing it through with integrity

Finally, the event ended successfully. There were many queries among participants, it showed their curiosity in rocket simulation. We hope that they have gained knowledge at a beginner level, and we may expect more participants in upcoming workshops.