Department of Aeronautical engineering and Qubate club of Kumaraguru jointly organised the Intracollege event called ‘ONLINE VS OFFLINE EDUCATION DEBATE’. The event was scheduled on August 2nd 2020, from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Event description:

This was an interesting intra-college Debate on “ONLINE VS OFFLINE EDUCATION”. The participants were divided into two groups, in which one side was speaking for online education and other team for offline education. There were 10 participants in each group. Each participant was given 2 min each to put forth opening statement. Only 3 members per side can make rebuttal statements of 1 min each.  The winners were selected by the moderator at the end of the event.


 A poster was well designed with clear explanations about the event, rules and contacts for any queries. The poster was circulated in social media handles of KCT official page, Aero DA and Qubate. A team was formed to conduct this event and to strategize the promoting methods for this event.

Selection of winners:

The winners of the event was selected by the moderator, who was listening to the preceding carefully.

List of examplary speakers:

 1. Adhithan A and Abirami R from online education and

 2. Anirudh V and Sowmidha MS from offline education

Participation certificates were given to all the participants attended the event.

Concluding the event:

The announcement of the winners was made in the social media pages and also the confirmation call was made with the winners. The winners were awarded with Certificates of appreciation. All the participants were awarded with e-Certificates.