“Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great.You can be that great generation”
On account of Independence day,Kumaraguru Dramtroupe came up with an event named Being modern fighter.It is an online event conducted through our instagram page.Being modern fighter is an event where the participants should imagine themselves as a freedom fighter who are fighting for India’s freedom in the current system ruled by Britishers and write their freedom struggle story.
We have conducted this event from 13th to 15th of August in our instagram page @kumaraguru_dramatroupe.The main motive of this event is to bring out their innovative ideas in building a imaginative story.
On second day of our event,the participants were given with a google form to share their stories.The participants were enthusiastic as we received a variety of responses.Starting from Bharathiyar to Mahatma Gandhi.The event was held with good responses.Overall we had over 20+ responses. The participants with the most interesting storyline was picked as the winner.