Sleep is a state in which our mind and body recurs several hours during sleep. During this time our nervous system and postural muscles are relaxed with closed eyes. The hormone melatonin secreted helps us in sleep. Sleep is very important as food and water for our healthy life. The brain removes toxins and the tissues are regenerated.

There are two types of sleep REM and NREM. NREM has three stages. Our sleep cycle starts with NREM and ends with REM. A person undergoes 3-4 cycles during a night sleep. The stages of the cycle was explained well by the session handler Ms.G.Yashwandra ,2nd year EEE department. The reason for decrease in sleep quality with aging was explained. Sleep is necessary for teenagers since they enter into a new stage of life where they have lots of responsibilities and burdens. For a good physical, mental and economic well being sleep is necessary.

The various sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea and nightmares were discussed. The causes, types, remedy and cures were given. Some interesting facts about night mares were new to hear.

Everyone shared their sleep pattern and timings before and after lockdown. Suggestions were given to get back our sleep. Diet, exercise and sleep are the most important things for healthy life. Foods like almonds, white rice, banana, milk, camamile tea helps to increase our sleep time due to the presence of melatonin and magnesium content in them which induces sleep. Some asanas, mudras and breathing exercises were practiced in this session.

Finally health tips for deep sleep were discussed. The overall session was informative and interactive which benefited nearly 40 participants.