Entrepreneurship primarily has risks involved within it. One who crosses this river of risks becomes a successful entrepreneur. But , to accept the fact, coming out of all these risks is not a walk on ice cake , people have to undergo lot of criticism ,mental stress apart from economical stress and lot more. These form the main risk nowadays. To overcome this primary risks like criticisms , mental stress, the “MYTH BUSTING ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP” session was conducted .

The webinar was an hour event from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm on 31st July 2021.The speaker spoke about his entrepreneurial life, and how he overcame all his criticisms, problems faced during initial and further stages of his startup. This gave courage to many participants. Later he encouraged participants to ask questions and cleared their doubts during the session. The participants count was around 60.


Mr. SHYAM PRASAD RAJASEKARAN, Cofounder and chief of operations, VegRoute Agri Tech Private Limited.


The main outcome of the event is to break the myths in entrepreneurship and provide motivation to budding entrepreneurs to pursue and succeed in their dreams.