I am S. Valliammai from final year B.Com . I have complied and published an anthology called “MY VISION – TO REVEAL THE FANTASY OF MIND”. Everyone in this world has different vision about their future. To discover the human  minds this book called MY VISION has a space for 40 upcoming stars with their vibrant  vision. This anthology is a unique collection of writings like essays, stories, articles, poems, reports, narrative and musing written by incredibly talented co-authors in the language of English.

The thought process behind the theme came up when the pandemic situation pushed most people to change their views on future. I am one among them and when I discussed with peers, I realized that, I was not alone with such a perception. This is how the title was born.

The main theme is “If you were given the choice of The main theme is “If you were given the choice of building your own future and there are no obstacles for you, how will you create it”.  I am a person who is very new to the field of writing and compiling but also a person who is interested in learning new things. So, this pandemic made me to choose the pathway of compiling a book and bring new thoughts. Once the journey of compiling started every small step was a new learning to me. More than learning new techniques in writing I learnt more beautiful life lessons. One of the unique things about this anthology is more than 50 percent of the writers of the book are novice writers take baby steps on writing pathway.

Adhering to the Tamil proverb, “கற்றது கை  அளவு கல்லாதது உலகளவு ” there are oceans of things in this beautiful world awaiting to be understood by us. Life is too short to grab the new opportunities and explore the world. This anthology is a collection of the individual works of our co-authors on the topic “Vision in future – It was an amazing journey with everyone throughout the journey of compiling “MY VISION – TO REVEAL THE FANTASY OF MIND”. I would like to thank the entire team who worked hard to make this piece into a wonderful one. My heartiest gratitude to everyone who supported me throughout this incredible task.

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