A Story-Telling fest to break Societal Stigmas by,

Kumaraguru Dramatroupe
Step Kumaraguru
Sahitya Kumaraguru
Scrabble Club

We Kumaraguru Drama Troupe collaborated with Step Kumaraguru, Sahitya Kumaraguru and Scrabble club conducted an event called Muffled tales.

The main ojective of the event is to deliver stories and create awareness on tabu topics through stories anf narrative This event is all about story tellings and creating awareness on taboo topics through stories and narratives. We had around seven speakers this event.

It was a three day event held on May 21,22,23. Total three days were full of good vibes from both participants side and speakers sides . SPEAKERS ARE Mr.VikramSridhar, Ms.Anubha, Mrs.Mangalam,Mrs Meera v Bharath, Mrs.Abi Kumar, Ms sreedevi Sunil ,Mr.praveen Kumar

Through this event, participants have learned about creativity, narratives skills, approaching and expressing, story telling techniques and also learned some good stories from our story tellers.