Honouring every day of our lives is important. But each life on this earth has a uniqueness and there should be a day to limelight them and show their strength to the world, making them special and great. The international sign language day falls on the 23rd of Sept. It is one of the special days to make the special people feel great. If the world speaks through eyes, then they are the ones who can feel it. They can feel others, as the eyes tell a lot of truth.
To understand them more, their language and with a yearning of spending time with them, the event “MOZHI” was initiated. Rotaract Club of KCT and Books and Beyond Kumaraguru together collaborated in making this event an effective and impactful one. Since many schools are operating and also considering the mildness of spread in these critical times, one member from each club decided to visit the schools, and both the members were vaccinated and followed all COVID protocols throughout. Letter of permission was approved by the college and also the school agreed to the event and in helping us in all possible ways.

On 27th Sept, the members (Subiksha from Books and Beyond & Rtr. Prashanthi from Rotaract KCT ) arrived at the school. They were warmly welcomed by the sisters. All the students were made to assemble in the hall. The students seemed intrigued and seemed joyous upon seeing new faces. Then they were updated upon the details by our students about college and club details and also about the purpose of the visit on that day. There were many teachers present in the hall. All our messages were delivered to the students from us to the students by the teachers through sign language.

The students were divided into five groups. Our members distributed charts and other required items to each group, and they were asked to represent their thoughts in the chart by drawing on the topic “Environmental Issues”. Students were very much involved in the activity. And also seemed more passionate and diligent in whatever they did.
Meanwhile, the sisters and the teachers said about how their students are versatile in extra-curricular activities. Their school gave as much focus to extra-curricular activities as they do for co-curricular. The students were very much ardent towards dancing, sports, drawing, and also other skill activities like coconut weaving, tailoring was also taught to them. It seemed like a blessing to be there in that school where they revered every skill and also broadening the minds to many things beyond the subject.

At last, the students completed the activity. Due to the pandemic, spending much time was not encouraged. “The teachers were always with us and helped us in every step. We felt very much comfortable. We collected the charts and the students waved thank you for our members together in a beautiful way that made their hearts smile with tears. Their smile and their warmth made our day worthy and unforgettable.” This is what our members said when asked about the visit.
One such great project inspired us and gave an incentive to our lives. Grateful for the day it was. Below we have attached the drive of all the photos taken in the school.