“Invisible threads are the strongest ties”
Here, Kumaraguru Drama Troupe came up with an online event of interesting and dilemmatic game. It is an online event conducted during this quarantine period to keep the students enthusiastic and active by inciting their hidden love for movies. Movie Delight is an event, in which you will find the exact movie name by using the given picture .
We have conducted this event on 10th December of 2020 ,which is completely online based. The main theme of this event is to find the movie name between 2 options by connecting the pictures and relating it to the main theme / situation of the movie
The participants were given a few questions in the form. On the day of our event , we have posted our event’s google form link in bio @kumaraguru_dramatroupe and have shared with the posters. The participants were very enthusiastic as we received huge responses in our google forms. Overall we had over 75+ participants actively participating in the event. The participant with more correct answers was picked as the winner.