MTRC was launched at the Divisional Railway Manager’s office in Mumbai. The MTRC system is an efficient  and advanced instant communication system. It serves as a base communication platform between train crew, station master and the control center. The main motto of this system is to prevent train accidents and reducing delays through effective communication.

SHRI ALOK KANSAL, senior office of IRSE(1983 BATCH):

Shri Alok Kansal stated “Western Railways is committed to provide best of the services to the public, be it with the number of trains, quality of service or safety of travelers. The newly commissioned MTRC will enable passengers’ convenience and in case of emergency prompt communication through its advanced technology”

When an individual  at emergency dials for an urgency, he/she will mostly get connected with the crew within 300 milliseconds. It also has a provision of predefined, one-touch dialing thereby to make sure a prompt communication. With this new system, we can track the precise  location of trains through GPS and even determine  if a level crossing is open or closed.


MTRC acts in a similar way to that of Air Traffic Control(ATC) for aircrafts. It uses Internet Protocol based Network architecture and TDMA on the AIR interface . The communication system will monitor the tracks and the communication is aid in between the trains. The control room thereby ensures the smooth movement of everything else.


In 90 out of 100  rakes running between Churchgate-Virar section,  MTRT system has been installed. The 60 kilometer suburban section between Churchgate and Virar is a high density traffic route where trains run at an interval of approximately 3 minutes in peak hours. Every day, the section transports over 3.4 million passengers by operating 1300 services.


The reason for the arrival of this type of communication is the existing very high frequency based communication does not give facility for communication  between the crew of running train and the crew of control office.


1. To call any of the two section train controllers (deputy train controller, EMU controller), single touch dialing is possible. In cab radios, auto call answer is available for motorman and guards to receive only audio (only from controllers and call from another cab of the same rake).

2.The contact numbers of three controllers , such as TPC, SIG and TMS are fed into the phonebook for straight forward access while dialing. The defect of EMU-to-EMU controller can be directly communicated by a motorman which reduces detention of other trains.

3. On making an emergency call if the called MTRC phone is busy, the speech will get through the overriding feature and the communication will be established.