“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one” – Malcolm Forbes

Robotics and Automation Club in association with the Department of Mechatronics of Kumaraguru College of Technology organized and conducted an Event “Mobile Robots Workshop”.   


This is the first offline workshop conducted by RAC on November 29th from 4.45 – 6 pm. The venue is at Project Laboratory Mechatronics Department, A-Block.  


To enhance the knowledge in the Robotics Domain by working on it physically and integrating various sensors and drives by controlling it using Arduino. Trajectory planning and Processing it is the most important part of Robotics, we guide them physically to explore it. 

Welcome address and a short glimpse about the event was handled by Abhishek M. The Workshop was divided into Theory and Hands-On Session. Around 20 participants attended the theory session.


During the theory session, the basics of Sensors and Controllers were explained. The sensor’s logic was been derived and converted into basic math code. Then the connections and precautions were explained. The basics of the programming part were completely explained. At last, the participants were allowed to ask their queries. 


Here the participants were divided into five teams and individually they were working on the robot. While working, they got many bugs and problems which were rectified by the student mentors on the spot. First, they were been taught about obstacle-avoiding robots. After completing that, they were asked to code for obstacle following robot in which few teams within a minute found the exact logic and tested the bot successfully. At the end of the session, they were able to write their own code for the given problem in Arduino and they could analyze the logic and the problem which they are going to face. This was a mind-invoking and brush-up session to enhance their knowledge after their hectic online classes for the past 19 months. Participants had a great session on working hands-on with the robots.