The God’s Play


Vinayak! Vinayak!”, shouted Parvati.

I am here ma”, came the instant reply from her left.

Parvati moved in the direction of the gardens to witness her son playing with a ball. The ball looked heavy but not to her son though.

Treading closer, Parvati questioned, “What’s this Vinayak?

Vinayak balancing the ball in his trunk replied with uncontrollable gay, “This is Earth ma, one of Uncle Brahma’s creation.

Who gave you this?”, questioned Parvati with increased worry afraid that her naughty son has as usual, taken this from Lord Brahma’s laboratory without permission.

Uncle Brahma himself ma! He told it wasn’t working and told I could play with it.”

Come here! Let me have a look!” Parvati was astonished to hear that a creation of Lord Brahma, the greatest scientist of all time in their village, didn’t work. “What was he trying this time?”, she wondered.

Taking the ball from Vinayak, Parvati was surprised with its buoyant nature, its ability to stay afloat in space was miraculous. The design of the ball, was itself magnificent, painted majorly of 2 colors – brown and blue. “Why has Lord Brahma used only 2 colors?”, asked a surprised Parvati.

Ma…. Look closer! The brown areas have a certain pattern of ups and downs. Those areas are called lands and the blue one is what that fascinates me! They flow only on the ball and not outside the ball. Lord Brahma told it’s a liquid called water.

But, why did Lord Brahma give such a fabulous creation for you to play?

When I went to Uncle Brahma’s Laboratory in the morning, he was very frustrated about not able to create lives in the earth!” , exclaimed the small Vinayak.

Life! How can life be created? No one can understand Lord Brahma’s theories nor his ambitions. Come let’s get inside. It’s time for dinner

I will place earth in the play room and join you ma”, replied Vinayak.

Hey all! I know I went missing from this world for several months! I will try not to go missing again ? !

This series is going to be a combination of science and spirituality – My two most favorite subjects to debate on.

Do let me know your thoughts about the Prologue!

The first update of this series will be by this weekend. Hopefully, along with an update of He & She!

   Written by,  Dhanabala Subhiksha