On October 7, 2022, On behalf of mental health day, the Rotaract Club of KCT conducted an event called “Elektra”.Nowadays,
many students are under stress and are prone to depression. It is important to raise awareness about the problem to work on preventing mental health issues. Therefore, we organized a mental health
awareness session. We invited Rtr.Hamna.A.A.Wakil as a trainer of the Elektra. She has a graduate of B.Sc Psychology, from PSGCAS, and director-Mental health cell(2022-2023) of the Rotaract Club of Crystals. She took the event to the next level by interacting casually with the participants. She also gave activities
to the students. She taught a few techniques for a peaceful mind such as mindful meditation, expressing gratitude, Enjoying the process, etc. Finally, the trainer completed the session with full vibrant.
This event went fruitfully with active participation from the students.
” You can’t stop the waves. but you can learn how to surf”