MEET THE MANAGEMENT PERSONA IN YOU, was a session regarding the entrance exams for MBA aspirants, held on  November 7, 2020. This webinar aims in creating awareness regarding entrance exams like GMAT and CAT for the students having passion and interest towards Business management . Mr. Pavan of Third year, Aeronautical engineering is the resource person.


                       This webinar was organized by the Aeronautical Engineering Association. Participants registered themselves via Google forms.


                        Posters were created and shared on social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram.


                     There were around 35 participants in this webinar. There was also a Q&A session at the end, where Mr. Pavan cleared the doubts raised.


                         Mr. Pavan gave lot of information starting from applying for entrance, mark split up , tuition fee and getting scholarships in top IIM and worldwide universities. He also shared some tips that would be useful for attending those entrance test.


                        Thus, this event was so informative. Participants were able to get a clear explanation about preparing for those entrance tests.