Wheels are the one of the primitive ideas of ancient engineering and a fundamental part of our civilisation history. The place and invention of wheel are still unclear and undated. Wheels are something which has been the turning point at various points of humans innovating new inventions. 

They were first primarily made of wood and later an array of iterations was made inspiring the original version of wheels. The speciality of wheels was that it had free flow of motion transference without any immense energy loss.  They had boundless adaptability to any new inventions made in field of engineering. Since the mainstream use of wheel its basic functionality stands unchanged while there are many variations done to the method of using it. 

Primarily automobiles use wheels as their mode of transmission of mechanical energy to rotational energy. The mechanics of wheel are widely used in various calculations of automobiles like speed and distance calculation. The product of number of rotations and circumference of the wheel is the distance covered and the other parameters are also calculated on same way with other factors involved. 

The evolution of wheels has traversed incredible heights where there is new innovations based out of wheel rolling out every now and then. Various additions and exclusions have made wheels to evolve to a very great extent. This includes the additions of tyres and rims to upsurge the serviceability of wheels in numerous diverse areas of usages.  Excluding automobiles and transportation there are many innumerable places and areas where wheels are used. Wheels are used for agricultural activities, energy generation and much more. The rotational motion is something which makes the wheel this predominant, the next edition will comprise the history and information of rotational motion.

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Mr.Padrinarayan R 19BME010