The Mechanical Engineering Association (MEA) conducted the event “SOLUTIONATHON 2020”on 15th September, 2020. As this event encourages interdisciplinary solutions for the respective problem statements chosen by the teams, it was open for the all the department student to participate in groups  which promotes in the search of innovative solutions which resolves the problems faced in real time engineering applications.


Solutionathon has been planned for two phase structured event, where the information of the ‘PHASE ONE’ is listed below:

This event is dealt with a proper guide and mentorship assisted by Ré for the participants with their innovative idea, to refine their ideas into a complete solution for the problem statement. The event follows some basic structures and rules which help in refining the ideas into the best solutions.


  • Teams must contain a minimum of 3 members and maximum of 5 members.
  • Members can also be formed from Different department/Domain.
  • Maximum of 4 teams can work on 1 problem statement.
  •  Problem statements will be provided based on first come first serve basis.

This has four stages for refining the ideas as mentioned above i.e., Four Reviews

Each stages has duration of a Week or a couple of weeks


In this stage the teams will analyse their problem statement and are expected to express their understandings into PPT which contains the abstract, case study, problem statement Analysis. This stage really helps the teams to explore on their problem statement and understand the need and the gist of the problem statement.


In this stage the teams will initially work for their solution which helps in integrating technology providing a cutting edge solution which plays an important role for the development of the existing solution. The teams are expected to provide a PPT which contains Literature Survey, Diagram/Design, Pictures, Important Terminologies, Block Diagram, Works done so far & Works to be done.


In this stage the teams will formulate their solution/iteration, where the teams will finalise the technology, design, and mechanism of their solution. This stage is nearer to the blueprint of their solution which is the intial stage for building a prototype. The teams are expected to provide a PPT which contains Complete Design, Components and their specifications Used, Cost Estimation, Simulation of the Solution.


In this stage the teams will provide a report and presentation, where the teams will correct the minor corrections in their solution and develop a proper report and a complete presentation of their solution.


If the Panel Members are satisfied with the report and the presentation provided,

  • IPR cell will guide the Team regarding Patent procedure with Sponsorship from college.
  • Project can be further innovated, RE’ will sponsor the Team and guide them in developing the prototype.
  • Teams can publish the same as Research Paper, necessary funds will be provided.

NOTE: (Not only the selected teams of ‘PHASE ONE’ participate in the ‘PHASE TWO’, New teams are also welcomed to participate if they have a prepared a report and complete presentation including the designs, simulation of their solutions.)


The organizers were Mr. Joshua Peter A – 18BME084, Mr. Sreejith R – 18BME082, both from 3rd year Mechanical Engineering. Microsoft Forms were created for registration. The choice for choosing the problem statement was given to the teams.


There were 7+ team registrations and 7 teams are active participating in this event.


Posters were created and shared on social platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp.


An initiative to provide students a platform to some of the pressing problems we face in our daily lives, thus inculcate a culture of product innovation mind set of problem solving. The participants also experiences a new atmosphere beyond learning where they really find a solution for the problem & learn techniques to enhance their creativity in technical areas which boosts them to come forward with lots of innovative conceptual ideas for the future’s betterment.


The best two idea among the participated teams in ‘PHASE ONE’ will be awarded a cash vouchers of 3K, then remaining best ideas are selected for the ’PHASE TWO’ along with the new entries which is further monitored and helped for further development of the project.