Bio Mimic is the emulation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex problems. Started in the latter half of the 20th century, using the idea of nerve propagation of squid for his doctoral research by Otto Schmitt.

In the following years many researchers found it to be a new area of interest. From then, there has been many technologies and innovations inspired from the biological world. There been new innovations in every field of research, starting from locomotive to optics. We have been talking about giving back to nature but still we tend to take something from it, at least now it can be something moral for both mankind and Bio diversity around us.

Taking the problem of superfast and efficient transportation, it has been very difficult to run efficient as well as fast trains. The problem was solved in the Shinkansen Train using the Kingfisher’s structure. This helped with higher efficiency and avoiding noise pollution when entering and exiting the tunnels. This big problem was solved by a small and easy solution of extending the front part of the train like the beak of Kingfisher which aerodynamically helped the train’s body reduce the drag.

Temperature and sudden climatic change have been an issue in the recent past. Termites have helped us solve this issue effortlessly by just varying minimal design changes. Termites live in huge mud temples built by them for their space. Those mud temples have intricate vents which help them remain cool when its hot out and vice-versa. This helps us in many ways. The amount of energy required for air conditioning is limitless due to increasing heat inside buildings. Secondly the continuous use of A/C alters body conditions and restrict us from avoiding it after a particular period. Zimbabwe’s Eastgate centre recently adapted this type of design to reduce heat inside during day and to balance the temperature in the night. It was mastered by Architect Mick Pearce.

“Plant trees and save the Earth” this slogan is something which we often see everywhere, but there is something which saves Earth by not planting trees but doing what the tree does, that is reducing the carbon level on the Earth. The air which we exhale has CO2 which is low dense in nature than the carbon emissions on vehicles and power plants. Exhaled air is caught using carbon absorbers and the absorbed carbon dioxide is buried underground. Just for the reason of innovating CO2 recycling, we shouldn’t stop planting new trees.

Like the above examples there are millions of unsolved problems around us which can be resolved easily. From agriculture to self-healing materials there have been many natures encouraged solutions. Simple solutions can help us live better.

I think this is sustainable development because this helps us solve our problems from what is around us and let us live gracefully without the guilt of disturbing the nature.  We shouldn’t innovate something which is hazardous to Earth, thus making the result of innovation null.

Written By,

Mr. Padrinarayan R -19BME010