Mayaneedhi is a theatrical performance scripted and directed by Raja. M, a dramatist, that portrayed the love and reprisal of Mahadevi, the demigod of the villagers over Bhairava. Mayaneedhi was staged on 20 August 2019 in Ramanadha Adigalar Auditorium. This one-hour dramatic exhibit is about Mahadevi, a young woman who from a very young age was seen as an idol after she saved the village from a danger with her intuition. From then the village bestowed their fate upon her words. This human offspring of God desired to be Bhairava’s love of life, but he gets married to Poonkodi. With this Mahadevi banishes her love and takes in hands the wand to spin curse and fury against the couple. The story furthers with Bhairava and Poonkodi becoming aware that Mahadevi has schemed against them and they set to avenge the wrong done. 

The lights and settings on the stage enhanced the impact of the drama and the lighting, costumes, and makeup added to the mood. The music during the key scenes was impeccable. The properties, especially those trees and decoration during the festival scene was a visual treat to the audience. Not to mention the part when the audience didn’t stop their applause for Mahadevi entry. The play was a roller coaster ride of emotions and ended on a positive note.