Do you believe in magic ? Because I’ve believed a lot ! But always wondered where does it come from? How does that happen? Who does that ? Do fairies exist ? When will I wake up to a bed full of flowers with fairies near me in cute pink frocks giggling around ? Will I find a place where everything happens in a perfect way with butterflies flattering around ? When will I meet a real Santa Claus who gifts me ? I’m here to tell you real magic does exist. And everyone owns that.

The magic you possess is asking for opportunities to come out. The magic you possess is waiting for the perfect time. The magic you possess procrastinates things. The magic you possess is scared to come out in the field of thorns. The magic is nothing else but YOU.

The magic happened inside you, when you stood up yourself the first time you fell down. Your instinct told you to stand up again and Woah! You did! Isn’t that magic? What else you need more than that instinct? As we all grew, our instinct voiced that we couldn’t get up from our failures. And there arises the problem. That is when we want that magic to happen somewhere outside. The one year old us didn’t need anyone to tell us to get up when we fell down. But the teenage us needs. And that’s totally natural. I know this is a fast moving world, but it doesn’t mean you have to quickly respond to everything. You can take your own time and go with the flow.

Your mindset costs a lot before experiencing the fruit of success. You may feel a sort of discomfort, pain or misery. But it’s a mystery. You feel nothing once you reach your destination. It is just happiness. Isn’t this a magic again? Your fears are the one that stops YOU from the magic.Why? Ask yourself. Are you gonna achieve something by keeping it yourself? What if you break the blocks and move out?

You may achieve your destiny or not. But you will have the satisfaction of trying. And if you didn’t achieve it, don’t ever let your fear hop back. Analyse the cause of your failure and come back strong. Cause at the end of the day ,it’s only you who can support you. At last, don’t let anyone discourage your pretty and petit soul.Happily embrace your flaws and try improving them for a good cause.This was one of them :):