One day, a man of our kind decided to go on a long journey. He ensured that his car was so clean that he could see the reflection of the clear sky accurately on the skin of the car. His journey was accompanied by his loved ones. Soulful music was on and the karaoke never stopped. The scenery was varied, vibrant and enjoyable throughout. The terrain was new but the driver was up for it. Finally, they reached the destination safe. Don’t you think the story was as dry as dust with no twist, no turns and nothing new? It was a tailor-made story knitted in a commonly predictable manner. Now, just have the story at the back of your mind while we study it in phases.  

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Moving onto LOL – Laugh Out Loud which is a common initialism used when we find something funny and hilarious. Now, what is there to redefine it?  

There is a saying that goes “Life is a collection of moments and how wonderful it would be if we have numerous LOL moments in it, for sure, it would be a celebration”. Is it humanly possible to celebrate the LOL moments all the time? Of course, yes. 

There were and there are many people around us who have displayed this nature of LOL consistently and continuously. We are blessed with such guiding stars in our life but we don’t often notice them because they always prefer to live in their own world majorly enjoying the movement of a butterfly in the mornings to a mother’s lullaby at nights.  

I guess most of you would have got it right. Yes! Those are the ‘Infants’, the smallest and the cutest stars whose laughter is addictive and mesmerizing. What is the magic inside them that allows them to laugh their heads off? It is quite simple and logical. They are not lost in the past and never worried about the future, they live in the present. They enjoy every moment, trying to find happiness in every little thing they see or feel or hear. It could be anything ranging from playing with an ant to an attempt to render the toughest song; they have the same amount of happiness loaded up in their faces. They could relish those moments only because they neither allot time for comparisons nor judgments as their hearts are pristine clean. If you imagine our journey of life to be a car, this act of keeping it clean and pristine without any dust or rust is very crucial for a smooth journey. It is the first and foremost factor to be kept in mind to cherish the LOL moment. 

With the open and clear mindset of an infant, let us move on to the next valuable tip shared by our beloved Captain Cool, Dhoni, alias MSD alias Thala. When asked about the secret of him being composed and level headed even in the toughest situation, he had one key point to share – Never get lost in the outcome. While the situation by itself will be challenging, we exert extra pressure on us imagining the possible outcomes. We should live even in the smallest moment of the beautiful journey which will take us to the final goal. Continuing with the concept of car, if we are focused only on the map, we will lose the beautiful visuals on the way, which could be the key game changer later. Even if we had arrived late at the destination, the hearty intake of the visuals and the experiences would always make the journey more colourful. This is the second important factor to hold on to in our beautiful journey of our life. 

With our mind clutter free and ready to enjoy every moment of the journey, the next most critical element is the lessons that we can accumulate with experience. Learning is never limited to the subjects but extends beyond boundaries, wide and open. Often any good story ends stating that the major characters settled in their life and lived happily thereafter. ‘Lived happily thereafter’ is not by default but is accompanied by the critical element of continuous self upgrading. As our most respected Steve Jobs has stated in one of his speeches, it is the learning that acts as dots which we connect backwards to realize the value they bring in our life. Learning is never limited to the professional dimension but includes the art of people management, which we can learn from our family, friends and even the strangers we come across; the craft of effective planning and execution harnessed by the smallest thing as how we plan our day out; fine tuning the foresightedness by indulging in current affairs and guesstimating the future; so on and so forth. So learning is open and wide spread. Getting back to our journey of life as the car, this act of learning is nothing but adapting to the terrain and upgrading our skills. This is the third and final factor to make our journey of life, enlightening and beautiful. 

If we can effectively program these three strategies, the journey of life will be filled with plenty of LOL moments. Let us Laugh Out Loud, effectively powered and strengthened by the Love of Learning – learning to keep our heart clean, learning to enjoy every moment of life and learning to practice self upgrading constantly.  

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