EVENT REPORT                 

“Leadership is about vision and responsibility, not the power”. Learn to lead is one such webinar organized by ABLE club in collaboration with HAM club to infuse the idea of leadership to the members of HAM and ABLE club. The event was interactively led by Ms.Selvi, Associate Engineer, Robert Bosch on 24/01/2021.

 Initially the participants were made to interact, wherein the fellows shared their inspiration and their  idea on leadership. With some insights from participants on leadership, the speaker quoted some real life examples to instil the idea on leadership. Following this a small task was given for them to get acquainted with their five leadership qualities and rating themselves as a leader. Initially with all the interactions, exciting tasks, queries getting answered and rating themselves as a leader, all the participants were tuned in to the essence of leadership eventually . Finally the event concluded with the presentations from ABLE and HAM club about the proceedings of the respective clubs.