On account of Independence Day 2020, YUVA Kumaraguru conducted a panel discussion on the role of Indian youth in nation building. “Leaders of future –A conversation with cadets” happened on 15.08.2020.The keynote address was given by Commodore Rajiv Chaudhary, Former commanding officer of INS Agrani and currently the head of security and facilities in Kumaraguru institutions. Five passionate cadets were chosen with the moderator being Nishank from Air Wing. High achieving cadets, Varshini V,Rakshana Suresh Prabhu,Haritha Dharshini V and Ram Shanker were invited from other parts of Tamil Nadu to share their view on this. However, one of them is cadet Shree Ram from our very own institution.

The cadets shared their view on compulsory military training in different countries and how it is different in a democratic country like India. The session emphasized on the characteristics needed by an individual to help in nation building. Daring as one must be, they also need patriotism to help in building the nation. It was inspiring to see young cadets talk so passionately about nation building.