The start of 2021 had began with the Qubate club showing it’s talent all way as it had participated in the Kshitij ‘21 conducted by Mithibai College in Mumbai. Total of 10 students from Qubate had participated in it. The experience of adapting to the virtual mode has always been a challenge but accepting it and not letting it degrade was one initiative of Qubate which has been succeeded throughout the year. The events where we made our presence were Declamation, Turncoat Speech, Just a Minute, Poetry Slam, Indian Epic Event, IPL Auction, Comedy Event, Crisis management, Mockstock, Product review. The motive behind the participation was to get a greater exposure into the entire literature circle all around India. Every event saw a lot of participation . Along with taking part, two of our club members made it to the finals as well. S. Nikita Reddy got selected as the finalist for Turn Coat speech out of 150+ participants in top 36. Nakshatra Lakshmi M S got selected till the second round of Poetry Slam. Every round had different themes and participants were shortlisted by different judges. 1st round had 70+ participants and the second round had 20. It was one good opportunity which the club had utilized.