SEDS KCT conducted its signature event KOSMORENA’19 on 10 October 2019 to help build a culture of entwining imagination and learning about space with application. 

Kosmorena is conducted during the first week of October every year on the eve of international space week commemorating the successful placing of the first satellite “Sputnik” by the Soviet Union in its orbit. In Kosmorena 2019, themed “The Moon: Gateway to the Stars” various events have been conducted for both school and college students. A sounding Rocketry workshop was conducted. Following this, a 3D movie about space was screened for the students. The photographs of the celestial bodies taken by the telescope at our campus were screened. Colour Gradient- A technical drawing competition was done to invoke the spirit of space within them. Totally around 250 students from various schools participated and got benefited out of this event.