CSUO S.G.Shreeram of III year Information Technology participated in the Youth Exchange Programme (YEP) at Russia which is one of the most coveted country to country exchanges of cadets belonging to NCC/ equivalent Govt/ youth organizations of friendly countries. The benefits of this programme have been widely acknowledged where the cadets share a strong bond with the YEP partners. Presently more than 100 cadets proceed abroad on YEP annually and this year Shreeram has won the privilege from the State of Tamilnadu.

Shreeram, while speaking about his YEP Experience stated that the selection process is on the guidelines of best cadet competition and it is mandatory to attend the Republic Day Camp to participate in YEP. During YEP, Shreeram was trained to handle weapons such as  Kolna,jodna of AK 74,Pistol of Makarov and  Firing AK 7. He further shared that he was trained for Operations inside the forest with all armour,helmet,dogs and guns, Chemical Warfare, Grenade handling, Usage of ropes to transport humans and usage of dogs to identify explosives. He also undertook lessons in Psychology, Physical Education, History and  Mathematics. Some of the important events observed during the YEP include The Russian State Flag Day,The India Day and the Knowledge Day. Shreeram was excited to share his experiences visiting historically significant places such as The Perm Parliament,The Military open air museum,The art gallery of Perm,The paleontological museum,The famous chocolate factory,The Kama River and Kungur Ice cave. On the whole, he is extremely glad to have been the youth ambassador from the NCC of India to Russia and declared that he shall with profound responsibility to bring laurels to our homeland.