Mahatma Gandhi Central Library is specially crafted to inspire an introspective learning experience. With large, open spaces, niches for collaborative work, creatively designed work platforms and an infusion of natural and architectural aesthetics, the centre will unfold new learning paths for everyone—student, scholar, researcher, teacher, visitor or just a curious mind. It is housed in the first floor of Dr. Mahalingam Vigyan Bhavan and covers an area of 16945 square feet. The compilation in the library is extensive owning 67598 titles and 107534 volumes and has a subscription to 186 print journals, 8829 online international journals and 59 magazines for scholarly communication. Central library also provides access to printing and e-resources. Open access system is being followed to access the books and journals.

Infinity Loop

Books can inspire us to change the status quo. The entire book section at MGCL gives you infinite knowledge. A solution to a simple idea can create life-long impact. Your work will be the knowledge to the ones who will come and study after you. And with this the loop gets completed.

A.MUSE Thought Lab

Get engrossed in deep work and thought. Collaborating with your friends for studies and projects is fun. So why not a lab for thought?


MESH is a place for networking. Just like how you create MESHes to analyse, use the MESH at MGCL to network with friends and colleagues and to update your general knowledge.


This Node is the converging point of the quest of knowledge, networking and knowledge.


Nucleus is the central element of every cell. The Nucleus here is designed for creating focused learning. Centrality of deep and greater learning are the focus.

Services provided by the central library

1.Fully computerized bar-coded circular on service

2.Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) and M-OPAC (Mobile OPAC) for search of books and other academic materials of the library.

3.On-site use of Text books, Reference books,

4.Back volumes and print journals inside the library

5.Reference service

6.Digital library with 10 computers with Internet access

7.Online access to International Publications through IEEE, Springer, ASCE, ASME, McGraw Hill, J-Gate, Elsevier, ASTM Digital Library (Online Version), EBSCO, and DELNET service

8.Reprographic (Xerox) service