Life at KCT is busy for those students who want to feed their brain with inventions and discoveries through research. The research culture among the students here is phenomenal and it speaks of their futuristic thinking and preparedness to make world a better place for life. The spill overs of being as curious as this is, they become inquisitive, innovative trend setters!

KCT houses three research centres – iQubeThe Garage and Ré – Research Cell of KCT, sphere headed by the students.

Devoting time for research leaves a direct impact on evolution of the individual, community, society, economy and Nation and these research centres provide opportunities of advantage and growth for students to develop the ability to question and seek solutions.


iQube is a student-centric inter-disciplinary innovation centre for every tech enthusiast that envisions to build an Innovation Culture in campus, assist students in Learning-by-Doing, facilitate in building prototypes, offer tailor-made solutions to Industries and training on-demand.


It is the research cell of KCT that cultivates and promotes research and explorative culture among the student community in KCT and strives to inspire students around the world. Ré believes that the start to solve problems is a curious mind. A nurturing environment hyperboles the seeker to find answers. Ré will continue to provide such an environment for every curious thinker.



Garage is a student involved product development research centre for automotive developments. Students of Garage design and construct vehicles which include terrain vehicle, supra vehicle, quad bike, dirt bike, go – kart and solar karts. Garage specifically is a workshop for students to design, analyze and fabricate different types of vehicles or parts of a vehicle and compete in various motor sporting events around the globe. Garage aims to provide a platform for students to innovate and fabricate their projects as solutions to various automotive problems.