DATE OF WEBINAR:  27/07/2020 – 02/08/2020

“ Knowledge shared is the knowledge squared”. The knowledge we gain increases by sharing and not by saving. This webinar Karpom Karpipom was one such webinar where students, as well as officials, were invited to share their knowledge gained during this pandemic, experiences and their achievements. Their experiences lighted various young minds with lots of exposure to explore new things and gain knowledge from them. The webinar was conducted on Google meet platform in the alternative days as a 4 series with different information incorporated. The first webinar was on 27 th of July by Kirubaharan from CSE department on Pencil carving followed by Anush Kumar of ECE department about cooking with the 55 participants engaged. The webinar finally concluded with acquiring knowledge about Digital arts by Naresh of ECE department. The second webinar session on 29 th of July was handled by Diwakar from Mechatronics department about Tips on how to write a book and Tips to present PowerPoint presentation in different ways. 30 participants’ minds were wrapped with his tips on that day. Followed by these two successful sessions the third session was by Mr.N. Ramachandran, an admin from Kct inspired everyone with his motivational speech and gave his ideas on communications skills and on how to face this world with confidence and how to stand high. This session enlightened 55 participants on 31 st of July. The final session of this webinar series was by Rachaga Prabhaa and Vijay Varshan from ECE department on Antenna basics and Teaching skills on their respective slots. This karpom karpipom webinar concluded on 2nd of august with 35 participants.