A disaster exclaims two things, a moment to react and a decision to overcome. KCTians often make decisions to turn any moment into an exciting opportunity. KARE – Kumaraguru Action Relief Empowerment was initially formulated by our Joint Correspondent to provide instant relief to all victims of Chennai flood. A team of Sixteen trodded their way to the perils of adversity with Kurinjipadi Taluk as their top priority. A Research team worked in the background to develop a survival kit based on their understanding of the affected areas. This Basic Kit ensured to supplement proteins, provided blankets, clothes, First Aid and constituted milk powder, water etc.. They encountered tremendous success despite all odds by rehabilitating 8000 families. A helping hand was lend from Mr. Selvaraj Ayya, Secretary of Sudha Sanmarga Nilayam to establish contacts in order to approach the most genuine sufferers. Adding spice to the dish, the group attempted to intervene in technological arrangements to ensure the safety of people. To own few more blessings, the squad has set their feet to bring stability to Kerala flood casualties and empower them through economic sustenance.

With the embarkment of Phase II to Wayanad, they have already embedded their mark in camps on Idukki and Wayanad. It is the hidden ability loaded in you, which is brought out by work. The manpower little would have dreamt of reaching out to these places, sorting out plans suddenly and risking their lives for the society. Not but selfless dedication ends up with stories like these. The oath of us saying “All Indians are my brothers and sisters ” is truly meant by these people’s actions. All the very best crew! Let’s rescue and rebuild together!!