Kumaraguru Action for Relief and Empowerment (KARE), was founded in Nov, 2015 during the Chennai floods. KARE supports the victims of natural disasters such as floods, cyclone and other calamities and has supported during Kerala floods & Gaja Cyclone. This is a volunteer movement of Kumaraguru Institutions where many join hands when the need arises.

KARE COVID 19 Response Bulletin is an effort by a group of Kumaraguru alumni, students & informed citizens alike to clear the clutter around COVID 19 by providing informative, insightful news, articles & data around the world under various tags such as Research, Technology, Education, Economy & Insights with a short summary for each.

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India and the world: stand in terms of cases: COVID-19

Active Cases


ICMR Advises “Pool testing”

The objective of pool testing is to increase the capacity of laboratories to screen more samples in the same amount of time without doubling the resources needed. This process is not recommended for areas with population testing +’ve more than 5%. 
Know more at “Increase number of Covid-19 tests with Pool Testing” | The Print

CRISPR Technology to pace up the tests conducted

CRISPR is an acronym that stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. CRISPR refers to a series of short repeating DNA sequences with spacers in between that is the distinctive characteristic of the genomes.
Know more at “Novel Corona Virus Test uses CRISPR Technology” | Psychology Today

Chitra Gene LAMP-N – Low-Cost Diagnostic KIT

The National Institute of Virology, Alappuzha in Kerala has developed a kit to detect COVID19 virus called ‘Chitra Gene LAMP-N’. The innovative test kit is cheaper and faster. The detection time is only 10 minutes and the result time takes just 2 hours.
Know more at “Kerala develops a Low cost test kit for Corona Virus detection” | Jagran Josh

Convalescent Plasma Therapy

Several countries, including India, are seriously looking at plasma therapy as a potential treatment for Covid-19. Plasma therapy uses blood donated by recovered patients to introduce antibodies in those under treatment for cure of this disease.
Know more at “What is Plasma Therapy: A possible treatment for coronavirus?” | India Today

Herd Immunity is a natural journey of any epidemic

“Emphasising why herd immunity is important, Dr. Muliyil says that hiding will always make a person susceptible”. The interview also has his expert opinions on the lockdown and how India is handling the crisis and the concept of Herd immunity.
Know more at “Dr. Muliyil, an epidemiologist on Herd Immunity” | The New Indian Express

What’s Post Intensive Care Syndrome

After leaving the ICU, patients may suffer from what is known as post-intensive care syndrome. It is defined as a new impairment in physical, cognitive, or mental health status arising after critical illness and persisting beyond discharge from the ICU.

Know more at “PICS – Its cause and impact on people after discharge”


Global COVID-19 – Impact Heatmap

Know more at “Heat map – Intensity of Industries affected by this Pandemic” | Business Insider

Economic implications

The former RBI Governor Raghuram G. Rajan has taken a stance on the present economic conditions of the Country and the Globe and has comprehended the situation post-lock down period conditions.  He also warns us about the widening fiscal deficit in the world.
Know more at “Raghuram G. Rajan on Economy – Linked in”

Monetary vs Fiscal Dilemma post COVID-19

Governments that once emphasized fiscal prudence are now spending huge sums on benefits schemes and business support designed to tide over both businesses and employees until things start to look up due to this most wrenching economic shock.
Know more at “Monetary vs Fiscal Dilemma – Situation post Covid-19” | LKYSPP


The geopolitical battle for the COVID-19 narrative

As the world is isolating their populations to keep the coronavirus contained, some powerful governments are simultaneously waging a worldwide war of perceptions, laying out how and where the pandemic happened and who is responsible for this condition.
  Click on image to play the videoKnow more at “Who’s to take ownership and to act | Geopolitical Battle” | Al Jazeera


Harvest of Hope – Rabi Crops

As the lockdown pushed people and businesses deeper into despair, agriculture suddenly became the only hope for the country, to resuscitate its stalled economy and infuse demand in the system. The impact on agriculture is expressed by Indian experts.

Know more at “Harvest of hope – Cover Story News – India Today”


Human intervention in virtual studies

Online studies are the ‘new normal’ for students across the countryIt’s great to see how teachers and students have adopted various platforms via which they can stay connected and conduct classes online for the collective benefit at these quarantined days.

Know more at “How students can make the best of online learning” | India Today

UGC Recommendations

Detailing the guidelines for examinations and academic calendar for the universities in view of the COVID-19 crisis and the subsequent nationwide lockdown, the commission has come up with a set of recommendations Know more at UGC Recommendations | NDTV


What’s Post Intensive Care Syndrome | Covid-19

During the pandemic, Swanati Initiative is focussing on the impact on various sectors and people such as migrant workers, Pollution, and Agriculture, Keeping people more aware and informed in these tough times with legitimate data inclined towards accuracy.

Know more at “Swaniti Initiative – Official Website”

Women SHG’s during Lockdown

Women Self Help Groups in India have risen to the extraordinary challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are meeting shortfalls in masks, sanitizers and protective equipment, running community kitchens, fighting misinformation and financial supports.

Know more at “In India, women’s self-help groups combat the COVID-19” | World Bank

From the PM’s Desk

Prime Minister’s address to the Nation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his latest address to the nation touched upon many points on life during COVID-19 pandemic.  PM started off the show thanking Indians and said India’s fight against the novel coronavirus has largely been “people-driven”
Know more at “From social distancing to life in Post-Corona world – PM Modi”  | India Today

Where can we get authentic information about coronavirus?

KARE COVID19 Response

KARE is now supporting the front-line workers through local government by providing Food, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & sanitizers made in-house at the Kumaraguru Institutions. KARE is also connecting the farmers with communities who would required vegetables in bulk.

Report as on 30.04.2020

  • 33498 Cooked meals
  • 2244 Volunteering hours clocked
  • 10 Tons of Vegetables transacted so far
  • 28 Number of Farmers impacted so far
  • 500kg Rice
  • 1200 Liquid sanitizer packs
  • 2500 Masks
  • ₹ 3,50,000 Funds Raised
  • ₹ 4,50,000 Funds Spent
  • 55000+  Lives Impacted

Impact areas: 

Chinnavedampatti, Saravanampatty, Vellaikinar, Sathyamangalam, Sulthanpet, Paapampatti, Sulur, Thondamuthur, Narasipuram, Kangayam, Coimbatore & Pollachi.

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Bank address: Kumaraguru College of Technology, Chinnavedampatti, Coimbatore – 641036