On the occasion of “Humour Week” organized by Kumaraguru Haasya, we, the Matrix club of Kumaraguru, conducted a collaborative event – “KanduPidi KanduPidi” on 14th September 2020 via MS teams.
This event aimed at remembering our childhood days by making us solve simple and funny riddles in a crossword puzzle with which we used to have fun back then. It was a fun-filled event and the participants found this event very interesting.
The grid for the Crossword puzzle was circulated early and the participants were asked to draw the same in a rough paper before attending the event. During the event, questions for the crossword puzzle were presented in the screen with one minute time gap for each question. The participant who solve the puzzle first was considered to be the winner.
Around 25 students participated and among them, Yoganayaki and Charan secured the first and second places respectively.