Yuva Kumaraguru organised an ideation drive in two sessions one on 20 June 2020 and on 03 August 2020 where all the Yuva members were split into teams and as a team they proposed activities, worksheets and ideas towards the betterment of Kalam.


The whole drive was for a duration of 24 hours. The teams were briefed on the current situation of Kalam and details about the kind of environment and situation that prevails there.
One of the main objectives of this drive was to encourage the members to visualize the situation post covid and find ways to get back to normal.
Teams were given an ideation form along with a design for change form.

The design for change template required the members to first
FEEL- Understand and experience the reality of the community that is targeted
IMAGINE- think of the outcome and impact that is desired.
DO- Explore ways to attain the imagined outcome
SHARE- explain your ideas with your peers and discuss out to go about with it.

The Ideation form required the members to document their idea for future reference
It included the Title of the idea, description of it, the age group that the idea targeted,the outcomes of it and then the possible drawbacks or difficulties while implementation.
This event made the members ponder over ways to give back to society in any manner possible and create an long lasting impact for the enhancement of the underprivileged.


Date1 : 20th June 2020

11:00 – 11.05 AM :About the Session by Shraviya
11:05 – 11:07 AM :What is YUVA? By Bharathi YUVA Lead
11:07 – 11:10 AM: What is kalam? By NirupaKalam co-lead
11:10 – 11:20 AM :Experiences and Learning’s at kalam by Shruthi, Alumni and former Kalam lead
11.20 – 11.30 AM:Guidelines on Kalamathon
11:30- 11:40 AM :Q&A session

Note: In intervals of 4 hours the Kalam leads contacted the team leaders for updates

Date : 21st June 2020

12.30 – 12.35 pm: Introductory Remarks, Shraviya gave a brief introduction on what the session will be about.
12.35 – 1.15 pm:Presenting The Ideas -All the teams pitched in their ideas.
Each team was given 2 minutes to elaborate on their ideas.
1.15 – 1.25 pm: Interaction Session by Shruthi akka
1.25 – 1.30 pm :Closing Remarks-The session ended with closing remarks and congratulating members for their great efforts

Outcomes and takeaways from the event:
The outcomes of Kalamathon turned out to be very innovative and realistic. Kalamathon gave rise to a lot of new ideas which were feasible as well.
A lot of these ideas will implemented from this kalamathon. For example few of the excellent ideas were
•Publishing a journal with the children’s work
•Setting up a library
•Bring out their talents by conducting talent shows
•Collaborating with other social organizations

This was just a jist of it , there were a lot more interesting ideas and the team work , their presentation, the ability to work towards the common goal within the provided time limit .
All this made Kalamathon a successful event.


Kalamathon 2 is an event where various teams pitch in their ideas on the activities to be conducted in kalam which helps in the betterment of kalam. The most innovative and realistic ideas will be rewarded.


11:00 AM – All YUVA members assemble, meeting starts , introduction by Shraviya
11:05 -11:07 AM – Brief on YUVA by Bharathi
11:07-11:10 AM – About YUVA Kalam by Nirupa
11:10- 11:15 AM – Talk by YUVA Alumni Sruthi Akka with the experience and learning’s at Kalam.
11:15-11:25 AM – Introduction to Kalamathon
11: 25 AM – Q&A session

Closing remarks:
As mentioned earlier, by putting together such incredible ideas, the teams have made our work easier. Also while working on implementing these ideas we must consider the post covid situation and approach judicially.
Altogether the event turned out be a productive and remarkable one.