“The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart” – Helen Keller. Only blind people attain this extraordinary feeling. Blindness is the inability of the eyes to see the world permanently. This cannot be corrected by using spectacles, contact lens or any other optical(vision) devices. People having eyes but no vision (eyesight) are called blind. The World Health Organization states that nearly 285 million people of all ages in the world are visually impaired, out of which 39 million people are purely blind. Those people purely depend on others for their daily needs. They always need a caring assistance to meet their daily routine. Though their world of living is entirely dark, some of them become twinkling stars in our sky. They leave their footprints of confidence, never give up attitude, courage to face the problems in life, hard work, etc., for us to motivate us to reach our goal.

There are special schools for the education of the blind people available all over the world. They follow braille system for learning. As small children, we feel difficult to learn in our childhood days, but with proper guidance and support from our teachers and parents, we have come over that difficulty. Likewise, the blind people can also learn if we show our support and care for them. The people who are born without any disability are really gifted. But many of them are not worth of it. They don’t realize their full capacities and capabilities. They lead a normal life and end their life without any achievements or great things in their life. But the blind people, though they do not have vision (eyesight) they achieve something great and make their life meaningful. Blindness is a disability for someone. But it’s a different ability for someone. The one who takes it as a different ability will achieve something great before their chapter ends. Their view of their life is not dark, it is so colourful and beautiful.

Achievers from the dark world:

  • Pranjal patil is the first blind IAS officer in India.
  • Beno Zephine N L is an Indian IFS (Indian foreign service) officer who is completely blind.
  • Helen Keller was a deaf and blind American woman who learned to read, write and speak and achieved many great things in her lifetime.
  • Joaquin Rodrigo was a blind Spanish composer who is very famous for his guitar music. He composed all his musical works in Braille on a Braille machine.
  • Marla Runyan is the first legally blind person to compete in the Olympic Games in 2000.

As a human its our supreme duty to take care of our fellow human beings. Don’t look at the disability in others, find out the different ability in others. They don’t look for our pity, they want us to treat them as a normal individual.

Difficulties faced by blind people:

Try to live a blind people life for one day by blind folding your life. Then you will understand the difficulties faced by them. Then you won’t pass them without helping them if they are in need. Blind people face many difficulties in their day-to-day life like going to ATM, asking bus number and timing, dealing with money, etc., Share your vision to help them to achieve something in life, meet their daily needs, to lead a better and comfortable life.

Sharing the lights:

If our vision (eyesight) can bring light in their life of dark world means we ll support them by sharing the same. Living your life is beautiful, but sharing your life is more beautiful. Make the blind people as your friends which makes our lives more meaningful and beautiful.