On behalf of celebrating ‘Gandhi 150’, the Varnam club of Kumaraguru conducted an online event named “Irenic Sketch” in collaboration with the Gandhian Youth Movement. The aim of this event was to exhibit the unique drawing skills of the participants. Participation was free of cost and open to all school and college students. The event had four themes from which the participants had to select one and work with it. The participants were allowed to do their artworks in any style with any medium.  The themes for the event are:• Gandhi-portrait• Collab of Gandhian principles• Peace within• Awareness on the pandemic COVID 19In accordance with the quote, “Art is not what you see but what you make others see”, the participants gave out their best ideas with their art skills. Art speaks where words are unable to explain. The participants brought out various Gandhian principles and expressed their awareness on the current pandemic through their artworks.

Written by Abishek SP, Team Varnam