On the event of this IPL season, Varnam club of Kumaraguru conducted an online event of “IPL Logo Recreation”, where participants did an artwork recreating their favourite IPL team logo.

Cricket being one of the most popular sport in the world and particularly, having mass fan following in our country, this IPL season is the much awaited period in this pandemic. So Varnam club decided to conduct an online event on this occasion.

Many students participated in this recreation event. They were allowed to use any medium of their intrest with the exception of digital art, to showcase their talent. Every artwork is distinctive and creative enhancing the imagination of individual participants.

Fandom along with the creativity made this event more special. Participants enjoyed recreating the logo of their favourite IPL team, with their imagination running wild and of splashing colours.

Students where selected based on their imaginative skills and the complexity of the design along with the relevance of colours and shading. Pavitra Ravi and Gokul Raj were selected as the Winners of the event. And other notable pieces of artworks are displayed alongside as special mentions, in our official instagram page, as a note of appreciation.

Written by Tarunika, Team Varnam