Freedom, Equality, Inclusive Growth, Sustainable Development and World Peace are the important goals of the Human Society. To achieve these Goals, Awareness, Internalization, Action plan, Coordination and Implementation are the necessary elements for success. To disseminate these knowledge and skills to students, employees and public, the United Nations Organization have so far declared 134 days of international importance for observance. The observance of these Days are notified by the UN general assembly or by their specialized agencies to mark important aspects of human life and history.

They are used to commemorate, promote and mobilize for action. However the Government, Private & Public Organization, Educational Institutions & others are observing only a few days in a year as a routine manner thereby the goal of the UNO is diluted. Educational Institutions can play a vital role among the youth in character building and can take the lead role of transforming them as social human being. In these context observation of many International Days and other National Days by giving importance to the events by the educational Institutions are become paramount.


The observance of the International days has the following objectives for the Students and Staff of the KCT.
To create awareness about the human problem all over the world.

  • To understand the social problem of population, poverty and unemployment.
  • To make the Students to realize and find solution for the problems
  • To realize the intrinsic value of natural resources and biosphere.
  • To enlighten about Freedom, Human rights and Women empowerment.
  • To impart knowledge about safety, health care and yoga.
  • To understand the duties and responsibilities of every human being.
  • To know the inclusive growth and sustainable development.

Activities planned:

Though 134 international days are notified by the UNO, only the important days which are important and appropriate to KCT is selected for observance. The activities which are planned below for the observance of the Days can be performed by using any one or combination of few according to the necessity and importance.
Sending SMS to all Students and Staff members of KCT on the importance of observance and the theme of that day.
Sending online design posters to all KCT-ians.
Displaying flex posters at conspicuous places with UNO theme message.
Distributing badges bearing the theme of the Day to all KCT-ians.
Organizing the meeting, special address and seminars by utilizing the internal and external resource persons.
Conducting the workshops, training programs and exhibitions.
Arranging essay writing competition and awarding prizes to students.
Screening movie/Documentaries appropriate to that Day.
Conducting public rally and marathon to create awareness.

Expected outcome:

The following outcomes are expected from the Students and Staff members on the observance of the International and National days.
Recognizing that all human beings are born equal in dignity and rights.
Understand the problems of humanity and act with social responsibility.
Sense of professional responsibility, social and cultural awareness.
Learn meaning of life and work to the social development.
Realize their duties to the community and develop their personality.
Cognizance of inclusive growth and sustainable development.