“She belived She could, So she did”

In the middle age, people had only one notion about the woman; that is, they were born to control the household chores and manage the children. But in today’s world, women empowerment has taken place which has opened new doors for the women to thrive and shine.

We, the NCC OF KCT conducted an event to showcase the power of women. This event was to bring out journaling skills of participants. Participants were asked to submit Videos/Presentations/ Images of their Inspired women other than women of their home. The event is divided into two rounds. In the first round (08.03.2021-12.03.2021) participants were asked to submit their work. For round two participants were selected to present their work on 14.03.2021. Mrs. Anandha Karthik, Assistant professor II, Department of Visual Communication, Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science was the chief guest for the event. The second round started by 5 pm on 14.03.2021 were all the enthusiastic participants shared their thoughts about the work to judges.

The winners decided for the event are:

1st Prize ?: Shivaramakrishna R

2nd Prize for Innovation and Uniqueness?:Vishaalini RM

2nd Prize for Passion ?: Dharunika Namagiri BV

Our cheif guest shared her feedback on the event, gave a wonderful side about power of female. The event was conducted via Ms teams and the meet ended by 6:15 pm. Participants were powered with their thoughts and had a good evening by hearing from others.

Jai Hind??