Inspiration is a slender river of brightness leaping from a vast and eternal knowledge, it exceeds reason more perfectly than reason exceeds the knowledge of the senses.

We all have atleast one person who inspired us at some point in our life.

We, the National Service Scheme of Kumaraguru College of Technology uphold student development and aim at instilling values.

“Inspire”- Motivational people and inspiring values

The event is conducted on 21/07/2020. The objective of this event is to identify inspirational people of students.They were asked to post the picture of their inspiration and write a few lines on what made them inspiring.

Overall, we had over 80+ participants.The participants were very enthusiastic as we received a variety of responses with Instagram stories tagging @kct_nss_rrc_vbc.

Starting from Stephen Hawking to Elon Musk,Actors to Cricketers,Authors to Social activists,parents and teachers, some even quoted themselves as their own inspiration.

This appreciation towards the people in our lives and the inspiration we acquire from them, is what makes us go forward. Character,quality and ability is what we get inspired and in actions we adapt and implement.

“Lets be better together. Lets keep inspiring each other.”