“Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living” – Mahatama Gandhi.

“INDRU NETRU NAALAI” was a group discussion conducted by ABLE Club of Kumaraguru on 14th August 2021 on the topic “Are we utilizing our Independence effectively” in order to celebrate the 75th Independence Day. Mr P K Selvaraj Athikadavu Kousika river development association and secretary was the chief guest and moderator for the event. He motivated the students with his captivating words of wisdom. The participants were enlightened by the speech of chief guest and they were informed about several socio-political aspects on dealing with gender inequality, discrimination, and much more along with the importance to save our nature by him. After his speech the group members started to share their opinion on the given topic one by one. Each and every speaker made valid points on what happened in the past and how it’s shaping the present and future. The group discussion on the whole was very informative for everyone on getting to know about our independence and the struggles that went behind it and how it’s linked to the present we are in.