“Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.” –Doug Larson

India Awakening is a series of group discussion which is planned throughout the year, discussing various topics for the nation’s progress. The first session of India Awakening happened on August 15 – The Independence Day, 4 PM virtually on MS Teams. This group discussion has been initiated based on theme of serving nation by brain storming various social, economic and political problems happening within and outside country. This encourage students to face and solve problems happening in the society. It has the theme of this year’s Independence Day- “Nation First, Always First”. The active participation of youth of the nation in all thrusts and sectors is indispensable for the Country’s growth.

In this event, we discussed about the Independence Day and the 75th year significance. We talked about the freedom fighters of nation. Everyone shared their favorite freedom fighter and spoke few of their qualities and achievements.

Then, we discussed about the 74 years travel of our nation as independent one, speaking about the pros and cons, things added new, problems faced, suggestions of various things happened in country. It included speaking of economy of nation and Indian rank at world levels. All the difficulties of covid-19 pandemic and other difficulties faced by our students were discussed overall in the meet. Participants present in the meet eagerly and shared their views. This first session gave students more confidence to speak bold and think more about social issues happening around them.

The staff coordinator of NSS_RRC_VBC, Dr.Sathymoorthy sir also joined the discussion and added few points about one village; one product , role of youth graduates in development of nation to the students. Finally, the idea of Dream big and achieve it, as rightly insisted by the missile man of our country, Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam sir’s vision was insisted to the students to develop our nation.